Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bento No. 6 Yakisoba with Sho-yu Tamago and Vegan creamcheese Bell Pepper

This bento is just a repeat of a previous bento, with just the addition of the Sho-Yu Tamago. This is actually the last bento I made for lunch as a technical consultant for my 2nd job. I didn't want to burn myself out on my last day of work so I made an easy bento. Plus, I really wanted to try that vegan cream cheese recipe that I've been reading about.

Bento Menu:
  1. Nissin Instant Yakisoba
  2. Sho-Yu Tamago
  3. Vegetarian Creamcheese filled Bell Pepper (failed).
  4. Cut pieces of Nori

The Yakisoba is easy enough, my recipe to kick the flavor up a notch can be found here.

Sho-Yu Tamago or Soy Sauce is really easy to make. Took me about 3 minutes to give the egg that brown color. More or less 10 if you include boiling the egg and shelling it. It's best done the night before.

I got the Sho-Yu Tamago idea from Just Bento, so head on over there to check out how it's made

My Bento Story I wanted to make an easy bento with enough oomph to brighten up my last day. Though I quit the job and it was my choice to leave, saying goodbye is really tough. I'm not only saying goodbye to my friends, I was also saying goodbye to the happy and fun lunch breaks I get to spend with Kitty. I actually loved to color, and since it's a remake, I assumed everything would go without a hitch, not until I tried out my vegan cream cheese! It tasted weird! I guess I have to find a neat-o recipe for vegan cream cheese. Some of the veggies I used weren't really that fresh. Some even tasted funky.. eew! So overall, this bento didn't really do well for me, but not because it wasn't good. It's just that I made the wrong choice of ingredients.

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