Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Way to Anyone's heart

I'm starting a new blog for a new hobby I found. Making bentos, or simply, a baon.

This all started when I resigned from my 2nd job. It was the week after my boyfriend's birthday, and I know he's sad cause I won't be working in the same area as he is. I wanted to make him feel really special, and at the same time not spend too much.

Since he's into Japanese things, and we're both into Japanese food, I thought, "Hey! Why not make bentos for the both of us". So here I am, finally taking an interest in cooking :)

I won't post much as this is my first post, just some photos of the bentos I've made since I started. Some of these I already have blog posts on my personal-anything-goes blog. I'll probably migrate them later, or when I have time.

Most of my bentos have a Pinoy twist in them, since of course, I am living in the Philippines, and I'm too lazy to look for Japanese food items. Most of the Japanese ingredients are also expensive, so I tend to do substitutions.

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