Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Meager Bento Tools

There's something about bentos that differentiates it from any regular baon. Sure both packed lunches (or dinners) that have representations from the 3 basic food groups, but bentos are extra special. That's because bentos are meant to look different, more appetizing, more fun than your regular meal.

Most of the time, in order to make you bento "special" you need to use tools to achieve different effects such as shapes and textures. This is where your bento tools come in.

I have a meager stash, since I'm a lazy, cheapskate shopper. These tools make designing bentos more fun. My bentos also look better when I use these.

All but (orange forks/bento pick, front most item in the center) one came from Daiso.

I only have 4 categories for my supplies
  1. Bento picks (2 items in front, Matryoska picks, orange fruity forks)
  2. Cutters molds (2 items in the middle, sandwich mold and food cutter)
  3. Onigiri/rice ball molds (3 items at the back, )
  4. Cookware (rightmost item, tamagoyaki pan)

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