Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bento No. 8 Nori-wrapped Onigiri with Pesto Torikatsu and Carrot+Cucumber Stripa

This Bento is really easy and a bit savory, so I had to tone down the saltiness with carrots and cucumbers. Flavors aren't really bursting, but it's enough to tide you over until afternoon snacks.

Today's Bento Menu

  • Nori-Wrapped Onigiri
  • Pesto Torikatsu
  • Carrot and Cucumber Strips

Nori-Wrapped Onigiri Recipe

Nori-wrapped onigiri is really easy. It's just onigiri wrapped in - you guessed it, a sheet of Nori! So how do you do make this neat triangle-shapped, nori-wrapped onigiri? You'll need hot/warm rice. I don't usually use Japanese rice because it's expensive. I use the short-grain variety, to get that stickiness to it. There are 3 ways to make onigiri rice.
  1. Pack plain rice in the rice-mold
  2. Flavor the rice, then pack the flavored rice in the mold. Do take note that your rice shouldn't be too saucy or oily, otherwise, the shape won't stick
  3. Fill and pack the mold halfway, put the filling in the middle, add rice on top and pack it tightly. Make sure that the filling isn't showing, or oozing out
Let the rice sit in the mold for a while, and while doing this, grab a sheet of nori and cut it across the middle, forming 2 triangles. Gently remove your onigiri from the molds and then gently wrap them with the nori, shiny side up. Make sure not to leave any gaps. You may pat the nori with a wet finger to so secure some loose ends.

Where I bought the ingredients

Nori - Most supermarkets Rice - Almost everywhere Pesto Torikatsu - Bought from SM Supermarket, Megamall Bldg A. Corn and Cucumber - Most supermarkets at markets

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